Welcome to SoMa West
September 23, 2009, 6:39 pm
Filed under: Borders

Greetings and welcome to SoMa West, a blog which will discuss any and all topics relating to the western part of San Francisco’s South of Market neighborhood. First topic: What, exactly, is Western SoMa? The Soviet-sounding Western SoMa Citizens Planning Task Force has a convenient map on their page which shows their “Special Use District Plan Area” stretching all the way to 4th Street, which seems kind of East or at least Central SoMa to me.

Is This Western SOMA?

The John Waters movie-sounding Concerned Citizens of Western SoMa features a map on their site which shows the borders of adjacent neighborhoods, and according to this, East SoMa gerrymanders all the way over to 7th St. It’s easy: East SoMa is north of West SoMa, except where West SoMa is east of East SoMa.

Process of elimination...

There are further complications. What to do about the little triangle of terror, west of South Van Ness, south of Market, and north of the freeway/13th? It’s Missiony, while somewhat Hayesy, but mostly SoMa-y. Is I-80 a cutoff, or does the lovely roundabout at the intersection of Division, 8th and Townsend count as Western SoMa? And, dear God, is it “SOMA,” “Soma,” or “SoMa?” Actually, we’ll go with Wikipedia on that last one.

Like most neighborhoods worth their salt, the borders of Western SoMa are indeterminate, not quite as bad as the northern border of Yemen but still, dynamic and ever-changing, as dependent on cultural factors as on geography. Alls we know is, if you’re totally down to kick East SoMa’s ass, you must be in Western SoMa.