12th Street Rail?
September 23, 2009, 11:42 pm
Filed under: History


Via former West SoMa resident Dan Furtado comes this interesting set of photos of the railroad tracks that used to run up 12th Street only 11 years ago. This was a spur from Treat Avenue, part of the various freight lines that used to criss-cross the area. The tracks were removed in 1998 (while the pictures say 1999, they were actually taken in 1996), yet evidence can still be seen of where they ran, including tracks curving across 13th St. in front of the Best Buy parking lot, and the overhanging section of the old factory on 12th between Howard and Folsom, which was the final destination of the 12th Street spur. Not sure when the last train rumbled down 12th, but it’s hard to imagine it nowadays. The most charming part of these shots is the old-school railroad crossing sign on Isis Street, visible in the picture below. Whoo whooo!